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Ethical Chain of Supply

Do you want an ethical supply chain?
Whether you are day one into your ethical and sustainable journey or a sophisticated large corporation with a mature ethical and sustainable program, our technology will allow you to go deeper into your supply chain and gather critical data to inform better business decisions.

Globally, organisations and consumers are increasingly conscious about developing sustainable and ethical operations models that support the environment, working conditions and the health and safety of the individuals and communities they touch.

Our solution supports the circular economy, with traceability options from origin to recycle. We hand our clients the power to deliver information to their customers prior to or at the point of sale, giving consumers confidence they are making informed ethical purchasing decisions.

Suppy chain management also opens the options to communicate and differentiate your products in an increasingly compeditive landscape buy informing customers at the point of sale of the impact their purchasing decission is maving on the environment or communities. Organisations benefit from their ability to:

  • Gain cost efficiencies through intelligent and sustainable design
  • Enhance their brand reputation and accelerate business growth
  • Empower customers to make informed purchasing decisions
  • Benefit from fraud protection through our ability to track, detect and action interventions through performance monitoring, underpinned by Artificial Intelligence
  • Demonstrate compliance with Modern Anti-Slavery legislation
  • Join us by becoming part of a community committed to improving peoples’ lives.

For more information please email or give us a call.

Cloud Transformation

Cloud technology is revolutionising business. It delivers the capacity to grow by opening new sales channels and delivering operational efficiencies that even a few years ago were beyond the reach of most businesses. But moving to cloud technology is complex, and the transition introduces very real security and operating cost risks to organisations transforming.

Many organisations offer migration services, but few have actually led a migration or understand the challenges involved in large-scale migration and transformation projects.

Our team have developed and led cloud transformations for government, commercial and healthcare organisations ranging from a few hundred to 20,000+ staff. Based on this experience, we have developed a proven methodology for managing risk. We ensure you don’t spend more than you need to, and that transformation delivers the business outcomes you need.

Our approach ensures:

  • No wasted money on cloud services and capacity you don’t need.
  • Cloud migrations are not a case of simply moving an application to the cloud. Organisations taking this approach are simply wasting money.
  • Legacy application and hardware management.
  • Cloud migrations and transformations can take years, how is ageing hardware managed?
  • Ongoing cost management.
  • Cloud billing is complex and regularly results in ‘bill shock’. We use dedicated billing tools and portals to give you transparency and predictability. Model the cost of changes before they are made for cost optimisation.
  • Cloud transformation v Migration
  • The real benefits of the cloud are realised ‘in cloud applications’, but most migrations involve transferring existing applications into the cloud. We work with you to develop a plan around what applications are migrated and what business capabilities are transformed by cloud applications.
Critical File Redundancy

Chain-FS is an exciting new product scheduled for global release within the next few months and is patent pending.

A world first technology that will change the way critical files are managed. We have designed soloutions for corporations, small business, governments and individuals. The interest and feedback received to date has been overwhelmingly positive.

We have a register of interested parties. If you would like to learn more and register your interest, please send us an email and we will ensure you are one of the first in line to gain access this new and exciting shift in critical file management.

Emerging Technology Education

The Nansen team are passionate about giving you the right tools to advance your knowledge in Emerging Technologies. We provide a range of courses through Go1, a global leader in online transformational learning. Our courses are designed to build the knowledge and confidence of Board members, C-Suite Executives, and future leaders about how emerging technologies are shaping the future of business.

We also understand that advancements in technology accelerate at a pace that strains our legal systems. For legal practitioners, we provide education 'in context' ensuring you possess the requisite contemporary knowledge needed to manage and respond to cases where emerging technologies feature.

As specialists in emerging technologies with more than 20 years experience in cyber security and digital forensics, we round out our course offerings by examining emerging technologies in the context of managing cyber risk.

All courses are developed by our team with lived industy experience. To learn more, contact us.

We'd love to hear from you.

Information & Evidence Management

Collecting, preserving, and transmitting evidence from countries in conflict is highly risky, especially if evidence is stored on physical devices such as computers, mobile phones or portable storage mediums like USBs and external hard drives.

The risk of interception is high, with consequences to the personal safety of the individual in possession of the evidence.

Transmitting evidence via data networks or the Internet using traditional mechanisms can be slow and insecure. Communicating through social media platforms can lead to identity exposure, and the release of volumes of unstructured and unverified data overwhelming investigators, journalists and others involved in documenting incidents arising from conflict zones.

The Nansen platform overcomes these risks by taking care of the collection, storage, encryption, chain of custody, version control and transmission of evidence in a highly secure environment. Underpinned by blockchain technology, the evidence collected and transmitted is immutable, verifiable, and managed forensically. This allows evidence to be transmitted to where it needs to go whilst neither the data nor a record of the data remains on the device. Authorised persons can commence the triage and analysis of the evidence without being ‘in field’.

Access to the platform is provided through our mobile app or web interface. Customised solutions can be developed upon request.

To learn more about this highly secure application, please contact us by email or phone.

Note, the platform is free to use for verified NFP organisations involved in documenting, investigating and prosecuting crimes against humanity.

Standards Development

"Standards are voluntary documents that set out specifications, procedures and guidelines that aim to ensure products, services, and systems are safe, consistent, and reliable" (Standards Australia, 2022).

Standards are important as they set the minimum expectations required to maintain consistency, reliability, safety and relevance of the products and services developed by businesses and acquired by consumers.

Nansen co-founder Andrew Collins, is the current Australian Computer Society representative for Standards Australia and the Internatioanl Standards Organisation on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies. Through his position, Andrew is helping to shape the future of blockchain and ledger technologies as part of this important industry.

Nansen is committed to professional, quality and reliable services, and seeks to ensure the development or modifications made to legislation, standards and guidelines are made with contributions from our industry.

Digital Forensics

For the past two years, we have been asked by a range of clients to expand our products to include the provision of digital forensics services. After much planning and consideration, we are excited to share that commencing 1 June 2022, we have expanded as Nansen Digital Forensic Services.

What we do?
We provide a range of traditional digital forensic services, including mobile and computer forensics as well as contemporary blockchain, cryptocurrency and NFT forensics. We follow suspicious cryptocurrency trades, highlight suspicious activity, alert you to transactions from an address of interest, uncover hidden funds, reverse engineer, track stolen funds and more!

How we work
We provide digital forensic services Australia wide. We will travel to attend warrants and provide on-site services, but our experience has shown that many clients do not require us on 'scene' and are commonly in possession of the devices they need analysed. For this reason we have simplified our Digital Forensic Services by partnering with a secure Courier service to manage the fail safe, hand to hand pick up and delivery of your devices. The fail safe delivery method satisfies chain of custody requirements so it is suitable for cases where chain of custody is important.

The data we extract can be analysed by our expereinced investigators or formatted into a searchable document that your investigators can analyse using any computer.

'Our model removes the logistical burden and allows you to get work done'. We provide professional, reliable and expedient service delivery, without compromise. Our team works hard to deliver high quality personalised services which means we are available to answer your questions, and typically get mobile device jobs done within 48 hours! All our staff are highly qualified and trained, and security cleared to NV1.

Visit our dedicated forensic website

Research and Development

Nansen.io specialises in Blockchain, Smart Contract and AI development with a focus on building business applications. To this end, we are heavily involved in research and development, possessing a company mindset that says, 'push the boundaries to discover something great'.

We know the potential to shape new ways of operating, for managing blockchain transactions beyond the Defi space with speed, efficiency, security and transparency, and soon, we will release an exciting new product offering a far better way for securing and storing critical data.

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