Digital Safety Audits 

We recognise the critical importance of safety, security, and privacy for individuals affected by domestic violence. To address these concerns, we provide specialised services in mobile phone, device, cloud, and social media safety auditing and resolution, delivered online.

A digital safety audit is designed to identify potential compromises and assess their impact. Unfortunately, pinpointing the source of a compromise isn't as straightforward as running standard antivirus programs or digital forensic software across your devices and online accounts. The methodologies employed by perpetrators are often intricate, leaving survivors with unanswered questions about the source of disruption or abuse in their lives.

Detecting modern spyware and other hacking methods requires expertise in the field. Expertise does not include standard qualifications in IT, a short course in the use of forensic software or equipment repair.

At Nansen, we stand out as the only forensics company operating a dedicated spyware lab. This allows us to stay abreast of the latest methods and software employed by perpetrators to compromise their victims. Our lead malware expert has completed some of the most rigorous malware reverse engineering courses globally, even delivering malware reverse engineering training to numerous cybersecurity experts worldwide.

Specialising in detecting technology-facilitated abuse, we collaborate with you to provide the answers you seek. Our Digital Risk Assessment, utilised by domestic violence case workers across Australia, identifies clients at risk of compromise. We have now made this test publicly available online, enabling you to take the test and determine the type of assistance you may need.

Choose Nansen for our commitment to staying at the forefront of digital forensics, enabling us to deliver successful outcomes in the identification, preservation, reporting, and resolution of compromised situations. To take the test or schedule a Digital Safety Audit, please follow the links below.