About Nansen

Our Mission is simple: To build the technologies of the future to drive business and improve peoples lives.

We design, develop and deliver world leading technologies in blockchain and artificial intelligence, assisting organisations to realise their potential through ethical and sustainable technology design.

  • Our ethical supply chain platform, built on blockchain technology, provides industry with critical data about the supply chain in depths previously unatainable and in real time. Our solution provides assurance that your supply chain is not impacted by Human Rights abuses, and enables suppliers to communicate providence directly to customers.

    Our partnerships with world class education providers allows us to deliver bespoke education courses on a broad range of emerging technology topics. We want to build better futures and know education plays a critical role.

    We develop world first technologies to manage information, collect Intelligence & gather and transmit evidence securely, anonymously and safely from some of the most challenging political environments in the world.

We constantly push the boundaries to develop the right solution for our clients, working together to create better futures for us all. Visit our services to learn more about what we do and why we do it.



chain of supply
Ethical Chain of Supply

Our ethical supply chain platform is unique, leveraging blockchain and AI to deliver deep data insights, real time tracking, & assurance of human rights & environmental protections.

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the cloud
Cloud Transformation

We have a proven track record of successfully transforming Government and Corporate Client operations.
Whilst implementing the ISM Top8.

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Critical File Redundancy

A world first technology soon to be released. Watch this space!
Locally developed, world leading technology protecting the worlds critical files.

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Emerging Tech Education

From Cloud Transformation for Business, Grappling with Blockchain Beyond Cryptocurrency, to Investigating the Dark Web.
We've got you covered.

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evidence management
Information & Evidence Management

Whether you're an investigator, journalist, or intelligence officer, our blockchain mobile app gets your information to your destination. Anonymously and Securely.

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standards development
Standards Development

Nansen founder Andrew Collins is the Australian Computer Society's SME representative for Standards Australia and the International Standards Organisation on Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies.

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Digital Forensics
Digital Forensics

Nansen founder Rose MacDonald holds a Master of Digital Forensics, combined with 19 years law enforcement experience. As a former detective and DF analyst, we offer affordable mobile, computer, blockchain and crypto-currency forensic services.

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Research and Development

We are leading researchers and developers in blockchain & AI technologies. Through our knowledge, experience and University partnerships we push the boundaries to discover new possibilities.

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Nansen was founded by Rose MacDonald and Andrew Collins.

Rose is a former police detective and digital forensic analyst with over 19 years law enforcement experience. After leaving the police, Rose led teams of criminal fraud investigators and established digital forensic capabilities at two Federal Government departments before founding Nansen.

Andrew is a former CIO/CTO/CISO in the healthcare, commercial and federal sectors with extensive experience leading large scale international projects and managing department wide security programs.
Andrew was listed in Australia's top 50 CIO's in 2020.

In the past three years, Nansen.io has built several exciting new blockchain applications which are scheduled for global release in 2022. Together, Rose and Andrew bring a wealth of industry, board and technical experience, supported by a world class emerging tech team with global reach.

Nansen, Rose and Andrew

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"It is our job to see the future and know what can be. To create, design and deliver innovation to the world. Every day at Nansen is exciting and filled with potential. Our work is serious but we have a lot fun along the way"