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Domestic Violence

Digital Safety Audits/Technology Abuse Assessments are online, secure, and confidential services conducted by a trauma informed specialist trained in digital forensics and cyber security. During your 60/120-minute consultation, we identify and address potential compromises to your digital security, covering methodologies used by perpetrators to spy, track and coercively control. Your mobile phone, iCloud, Google and other accounts, including your social media presence are audited using specialised tools.

By the end of your consultation, you will understand if and how you are compromised. Evidence identified is preserved, and our findings are documented in a detailed report assisting you in reporting your matter to police, seeking legal advice, or applying for a court order.

Throughout the engagement we will work with you to empower you to understand and manage your own security, so you are less likely to be a victim of technology abuse in the future. And finally, we will develop a safety plan with you, so you have a set of simple actions to protect yourself immediately.

We support you through this journey to guide you toward the best possible outcome. Simply put, we stop technology being used as a means to monitor and abuse in domestic violence cases.

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Our mission is to deliver the highest-quality digital forensic and cyber security services to our clients - Australia wide. Our team comprises accomplished experts in forensics, cyber security, blockchain and smart contract technologies. Our diverse expertise and investigative experience set us apart, enabling us to deliver a range of bespoke professional services irrespective of location.

We specialise in capturing forensic evidence from mobile phones, computers, smart devices and the cloud, assisting individuals, commercial clients, and government agencies. All our specialists use industry leading forensic tools and adhere to global best practice standards.

Our forensic staff are cleared to NV1 (Secret) for government projects and hold working with children/vulnerable people cards for State and Territory jurisdictions.

We are entrusted with assisting survivors of domestic violence through our digital safety auditing program and forensics services.  

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