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Are you concerned about your mobile phone or online safety?

If you have visited this page, then you might be someone who is experiencing domestic and/or sexual violence, or supporting someone who is.

We work with many people like you who are worried about the safety and security of their mobile phone, smart devices, cloud and social media accounts. To address these concerns, we provide specialised services in mobile phone, device, cloud, and social media safety auditing and resolution, delivered online.

The steps to identify if you are at risk and determine the best course of action for your circumstances starts with taking our digital risk assessment. Following the assessment, you will be presented with advice about your options. This may range from recommendations to self monitor your devices and online accounts, book a digital safety audit, contact us about digital forensic services, or undergo crypto-currency tracing for hidden assets.

If after completing the assessment, you are advised to self monitor but you are still concerned about your security and safety, then you are welcome to book a Digital Safety Audit for peace of mind and security enhancement.

A digital safety audit is designed to identify potential compromises, assess their impact and secure your devices and accounts. Following your audit, we may conduct several hours of analysis of log files, metadata and other information collected to ensure we thoroughly examine your digital footprint. Up to two hours of analysis is provided at no extra cost, and you will receive a report of any outcomes. If your matter is more complex, we will discuss this with you, but rest assured, we aim to provide cost effective solutions at all times.

We can conduct these audits online due to our extensive experience and dedicated spyware lab which informs much of our work. By offering our services online, we can assist you irrespective of where you are located, be that a larger city or small regional town.

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What to look for in a specialist service

Detecting modern spyware and other hacking methods requires expertise in this field. Expertise does not include standard qualifications in IT, a short course in the use of forensic software or equipment repair.

Unfortunately, due to poor advice received, we see clients who have had evidence of technology abuse wiped from their devices, denying them the opportunity to rely on this evidence when needed. We have also located evidence of tracking and other compromise on devices previously 'cleared' by those who are insufficiently qualified in this field. Many of these individuals and organisations are well intentioned.

When seeking specialist advice, ensure you ask about the qualifications and experience in detecting and managing technology-facilitated abuse. Be careful of organisations or individuals who merely connect equipment to your phone or other devices to scan them. This is often referred to as a 'tech sweep', and spyware and other methods of technology abuse is rarely detected through this process. Often, the equipment is only scanning for malware. Also be aware of services that may or may not detect an anomaly on your device, but advise you to factory reset or wipe your phone. Whilst this might be an appropriate final step in the rehabilitation of your device, be aware that all evidence of abuse will be lost, that your perpetrator may be alerted to this action, and that the problem may persist on other devices or in a cloud environment.

Your specialist should be capable of conducting manual analysis of logs, processes and metadata, undertaking analysis of cloud and social media accounts, including metadata and log files, and be qualified and experienced in the use digital forensic equipment and software (only when required for the preservation of evidence and deeper analysis, not for spyware detection). They should also be knowledgeable about rules of evidence and court processes.

By choosing Nansen you can be assured you are getting the most contemporary and professional service. We conduct research and analysis of methods used to compromise people like you, and we remain at the forefront of digital forensic methods and processes. This enables us to deliver successful outcomes in the identification, preservation, reporting, and resolution of compromised situations. To take our Digital Risk Assessment or schedule a Digital Safety Audit, please follow the links below.

Our specialists are sensitive to your circumstances and it is important that you know you are not alone and that help is available. We have a dedicated page of resources on this website that may assist you to find support for your particular circumstances. You can review these resources by following the resources link located in the footer of this page. This is not an exhaustive list, but may put you in contact with services and companies that have expertise in supporting you through this difficult time.