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Chain-FS gives you total control of your data.

Files stored and protected by Chain-FS cannot be read, modified, shared, downloaded, or deleted by anyone other than you, the data owner.

You decide who you share your critical files and personal information with and for how long. No other cloud solution offers this level of security!

Chain-FS is patented technology that works by bringing the security properties of blockchain to the cloud. With Chain-FS you are always in control of your data.

Chain-FS sits as a layer between blockchain and cloud technologies, and is vendor agnostic, meaning you choose what blockchain and what cloud service provider your data is stored with. You also get to decide where your data is stored, Australia, USA, Europe, Japan, and other locations around the world.

It‘s Your Data - It‘s Your Choice

Documents such as passports, bank statements, loan agreements, children's immunisation records, personal photos, leases, home ownership certificates, rental contracts etc form the essential documentation we all need to prove who we are and what we own. Losing your critical documents, either through disaster, moving house or being denied access in a domestic violence situation, makes it incredibly difficult to reestablish your life or replace what you have lost.

Traditional cloud storage like Dropbox has two issues when it comes to the storage of critical and personal files. The first is that anyone with the account login details can delete or modify files as they wish. The second is that you have to trust the staff of the cloud provider to do the right thing. Unfortunately, cases of compromised cloud storage, leaked photos etc is far too common. Or it can be used in legal processes or the Government (in Australia or overseas) to protect critical files and to share these knowing how and when the shared files have been accessed; whilst controlling how long they are accessed for and how often. Chain-FS puts you in control of your data, that simple. There is no need to trust us or anyone else, you are always in control and the only one who can access your data.

What this means is that even if an attacker was to get access to your username and password plus your secret password used to encrypt files, they will be unable to delete or modify any file stored.

This is a critical feature for survivors of domestic violence. Even if the abuser forces access to Chain-FS, they are powerless to change anything or deny access, making it the ideal tool to store evidence of abuse.

Suitable for survivors of domestic violence, to empower them to protect their critical information prior to escaping the situation; we have partnered with the United Nations Womens Organisation (UNWO) and domestic violence support agencies across Australia to offer Chain-FS to survivors. Chain-FS is also suitable for anyone who is moving, travelling lives in a food or bush fire prone area, or is just concerned about ensuring they have a copy of their critical files regardless of what life brings.

Drop over to chain-fs.com to find out more.

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