Domestic and Family Violence Digital Support

Domestic and Family Violence Digitial Safety

We provide a range of services to support those touched by Domestic Violence in Australia and beyond.

Our services can be accessed via your case worker or directly via our online booking system (

Why us

Our team of experts have worked with people touched by domestic and family violence for decades and we are dedicated to empowering you, so you feel safe to use your mobile phone and stay connected online.

We operate a dedicated spyware/malware lab to ensure we remain up to date with the latest methods used by perpetrators to access and monitor activities on devices, and through cloud and social media accounts. It is really important to note that modern spyware is not detected by anti-virus programs or forensic tools. We can detect spyware because we have invested in a malware lab where we examine all types of spyware on our systems to understand how they behave and the giveaway signs of their presence. Simply scanning with AV/forensic software or asking a 'tech specialist' to help is not enough.

Combine this with our expertise in technology, cyber security, forensics and investigations, and you receive a unique service that is responsive to your needs.

Online Digital Safety Audits - Ensuring you are safe online

We understand the importance of safety and privacy of those touched by domestic violence, irrespective of where you are located. That's why we offer specialised services in mobile phone, cloud and social media safety auditing and resolution, delivered online.

Our Digital Safety Audits are designed to keep you safe online and to put you in control of who can access your information and what you post online. Unfortunately today spyware and other attack types are easy to executive, require mimal to no access to the mobile phone and give the perpetrator full control.

How it works

After booking a consultation, you will receive a secure link and invitation to your online meeting. During the consultation we work with you to identify any evidence of compromise and then on securing your device and accounts. By conducting a detailed assessment, we can identify any potential risks and vulnerabilities that may compromise your privacy and safety. From this assessment we can delve deeper into what, how and who has compromised your accounts..

The next steps involve one or more of the following depending on the outcome of your safety audit:

Preserve: Any evidence found is preserved to ensure its availability.

Analyse: Evidence is analysed for its authenticity and relevance.

Report: Outcomes are documented to assist with your reports to police or legal representative.

Secure: Your devices and accounts are remediated and secured to restore your sense of safety.

Educate: You develop the knowledge and skills to keep safer online and better manage the security of your mobile phone and other devices.

How to book your consultation

You may book your consultation through your DV case worker for funded consultations or directly through our booking link at

Simply choose your preferred date and time and provide a safe email address to receive information about your consultation and online meeting link. To participate in your appointment, you will need to use a computer and have access to all of your social media and cloud accounts (usernames and passwords).

The consultation takes approximately one hour. You are welcome to invite your case worker or another person to support you through your appointment. You will not need any technical expertise. That is our job!

Digital Forensics and Evidence Preservation

Digital forensics involves the use of specialised hardware, software and methods to identify, preserve and report on evidence located on mobile devices, computers and in the cloud, in a form that is required to meet local and international court standards of admissibility.  We use the same state-of-the-art forensics tools and methodologies used by police and can provide expert reports, court testimony.

Why forensics

With the prevalence and ease of generating false or modified content, the presentation of photographs, SMS, chat, and other evidence to a court that has not been managed forensically is open to legal challenge. Professional forensic tools and methodologies also provide opportunities to recover deleted content such as messages, images, files and other content from mobiles, computers and other devices.

Forensic evidence may also demonstrate patterns of coercive control in a way that an individual or a series of messages or other communications cannot adequately convey. This is achieved by presenting a timeline of all relevant behaviours, including communications, photos, and other material, thereby presenting the bigger picture of your unique experience. At the end of the process, we provide you with a portable case file allowing you to search and review your own data, as well as the outcomes of our analysis.

Our team will manage your evidence with care and respect and can work with police or your legal representative to ensure your evidence is available when required.

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