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Cyber security is a complex field and modern spyware and coercive control tools make this even more complex by actively hiding. Unfortunately, there is no app or service called 'spyware'....we wish it was that easy. Modern spyware actively hides itself and the wide array of other approaches we have seen perpetrators use, makes it virtually impossible for someone who is not an expert and experienced in technology facilitated abuse detection, to detect and capture evidence.

We purchase every band and type of spyware that we find and other tools used to coercively control someone. We test these in our dedicated spyware lab and undertake a process called 'parameterisation' to understand what the spyware is doing, how it is hiding and tell-tale signs of its presence. This ranges for a subtle change in an applications name through to a logo colour change or just the presence of a serial number. We look for all these indicators because spyware is rarely detected by automated anti-virus and forensic equipment scanning.

Using automated scanners will also fail to detect technology facilitated abuse where other tools have been used, for example we have seen backup targets compromised which results in the perpetrator having every document and message on the phone delivered to them daily, or mobile device management software being used to control every aspect of the mobile phones behaviour.

We are specialists in detecting technology facilitated abuse and have developed a non-technical checklist to help you understand if you may be a victim. Our checklist is used by domestic violence support workers across Australia and will advise you on the appropriate course of action for your unique circumstances.

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